This website is primarily a depository for the danish recovery-guide 'Guide to a good everyday life'

Since 2009 service users and next of kin have been developing an ecosystem of self-help recovery-tools. These tools and the learning from developing them, have been part of the introduction of peer-support in Denmark and the introduction of recovery-oriented practices in the mental health sercvices (however hard to really achieve recovery-oriented practices).

This website is centered around  ‘Guide to a good everyday life.’ The purpose of the guide is to directly support service users in their recovery-journey, and to strengthen the collaboration between service users, next of kin and staff.

‘Guide to a good everyday life’ is a product of a long co-creation proces involving many hundreds of service users, next of kin, psychiatrists, nurses, social workers and many more.

The original work was supported by TrygFonden and the Mental Health Services of the Capital Region. Now the development is non-linear and mainly driven volountarily by the guides author, Klavs Serup Rasmussen (to get in contact, use LinkedIn). The next development wave is set to last from 2019-2021, although COVID-19 has disrupted the initial planning.

This guide is directed at community services and day care treatment. For inward patients we earlier made ‘the discharge guide’ which we translated quick & roughly into english (klik to download).

‘Guide to a good everyday life’ is divided into five themes:

  • Is it possible to get well?
  • Take control of your everyday life
  • Tools & tips
  • Having a voice
  • Discover your community

The guide can be used by service users, next-of-kin, peer-support workers and regular staff.

If you have questions regarding making or use of the guides, please use our contact form.